KAPcitizen is Knowledge As Power’s free, online service allowing individuals to easily track legislation on any topic, view relevant video from their legislature, and communicate effectively with their lawmakers. Launched in 2008 in Washington State, KAPcitizen is the first comprehensive legislation tracking service integrating video, communications tools, legalese translation—all for free, online.

 “I am deeply involved in the issues Sarah Schacht is addressing with KAP and I have never heard such an inspiring description of the problem and proffering of a solution …It will enable citizens, who have never had the resources to effectively engage in the policy process an opportunity to have a meaningful impact.” — Alan Rosenblatt, Center for American Progress Online Advocacy Director

KAPcitizen is a way to amplify your voice in the legislative process. We help you get heard, informed, and involved.  It’s our belief in the power of an informed citizenry that prompted us to create KAPcitizen. This is a free service that empowers people like you to become active in the political process between elections. KAPcitizen can enable you to focus your communications on what’s really effective: telling your story on an issue and communicating with those who represent you, at the right times in the legislative process.This online, customizable “participation engine,” free and open to all, provides simple and easy tracking of political issues and pieces of legislation as well as efficient communication with legislators. Easily customized to allow users to track any piece of legislative information and its progress, KAPcitizen also includes rich content such as video, plain English translation of often unintelligible legalese, and connectivity to major social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage others to also make themselves heard.

KAPcitizen also provides legislators tools to easily manage the constituent communications; with simple tagging of constituent communications, lawmakers and staff are able to spend more time understanding what their constituents are requesting, less time on managing an unruly inbox.

Knowledge As Power’s goal is to scale KAPcitizen, and its complimentary services, KAPcivics (civic engagement education for 8-12th grade classrooms), and KAPcommunity (teaching civic engagement education to community groups and neighborhoods), to cities, counties, states across America, and Congress. KAP has the capability to become a participation engine for Americans to be meaningfully engaged in the lawmaking process.

Bring KAPcitizen to Your Area

If you’re interested in KAPcitizen launching in your city, county, state, or at the Congressional level, contact Knowledge As Power at admin@knowledgeaspower.org; we’d love to see if we can launch and serve your community.  As KAP works to rapidly scale across the US, we love to work with local partners and volunteers. Get in touch and let’s see if we can launch KAPcitizen together!

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