Only 22 American states test for civic knowledge in the United States. For those students who are lucky to be educated on American government and “civic” topics, most aren’t taught how to engage with their government. Students are educated that voting is emphasized, but not receive mixed messages on engagement in legislative process.  Recognizing that America is graduating young adults without the skills to effectively track issues in city councils, state legislatures, Congress, or other lawmaking and decision-making bodies, KAPcivics was developed to meet this civics education need.

Over the past two years, Knowledge As Power developed a civics curriculum called “Act & Impact” provides foundational civic skills on how to:

  • Track any political issue in legislative process, at any level of government.
  • Use new, online tools and resources for tracking legislation and communicating with lawmakers.
  • Leverage simple, proven strategies for developing relationships with lawmakers.
  • Gain confidence in their capacity to effectively engage lawmakers and make a difference in their communities

KAPcivics was designed by Knowledge As Power’s staff and reviewed by civic engagement leaders, such as iCivics and the Dreyfus Initiative.  The curriculum is currently being reviewed and tested by teachers in the Bellevue School District, in Washington State. The text of the document is written at an 8th grade reading level, making it accessible to a range of classrooms and to the 80% of Americans who read at an 8th grade level.  Take a peek at this Creative Commons-licensed curriculum. It’s free to use, copy, and distribute under the Creative Commons license type.

Download Our Act & Impact Curriculum

KAPcivics Act & Impact Curriculum: Civic Engagement Skills for the Legislative Process

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