KAPcommunity: Educating & engaging communities for effective citizen engagement.

“Knowledge As Power has all sorts of tips and tricks to help you succeed in contacting your legislative members.  …It’s like adding a cherry on top of your civic sundae.”  –Bevin Wong, Outreach Manager, Seattle Works

Everyone knows it’s important to vote, and many of us know we can “contact our lawmakers,” but few of us know how. Sadly, 53% of Americans believe “people in government don’t care about what people like me think,” (NCOC Civic Health Survey, 2010).  Knowledge As Power’s KAPcommunity program is geared to increase citizen engagement in the decision-making bodies of government. KAPcommunity works achieves this goal through educating citizens on how to engage effectively with government and increasing citizen’s sense of internal efficacy (one’s confidence in their abilities to understand and influence political events).

Through a City of Seattle Technology Matching Fund grant, Knowledge As Power’s KAPcommunities pilot program is educating community groups, individuals, and classrooms of kids on how to make their voice heard in the legislative process. KAPcommunities is based on KAP’s civics curriculum, reviewed and approved by civic engagement leaders, such as iCivics and the Dreyfus Initiative.

Covered in each class:

  • Foundational knowledge for individuals on the legislative process.
  • Online and offline tools, resources for tracking legislation.
  • Education on successful, simple strategies for citizen engagement.
  • Research and examples of how individuals and small groups can be effective advocates.

“(Knowledge As Power’s trainer) helped our youth learn concrete ways to get their voices heard in government.  Their training was practical, engaging and energizing– our youth left the workshop feeling like they can make a difference.” –Ruth Lockwood, Program Coordinator, Reel Grrls

Through KAP’s curriculum called “Act & Impact,” KAPcommunity provides foundational civic skills to Americans who want to have a voice in their communities.  Through a Creative Commons licensed curriculum, designed for teens and adults, and a KAP civics trainer, KAP is working to inspire and educate individuals to be a confident voice in their government.

Want to host a KAPcommunity event?

It’s easy to get started as a KAPcivics partner.  Just contact our Civic Skills Trainer, Karissa Magelsen, at karissa@knowledgeaspower.org and she’ll be in touch to schedule a meeting with you.  At that meeting, we’ll go into more detail about the program, do a brief assessment of your community (ages, demographics, translation needs, etc.).  Working with you, we’ll customize the training to be a best fit for your organization or community members.

For individuals, register here .

Representing a group or organization?  Register here.

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